Refund Policy


Sault Printing Company accepts returns on select items. Once the final proof for printing has been approved, you waive the right to a refund by agreeing to the final design. Certain circumstances arise due to error in the pressroom and these cases will be handled on a case by case basis. We guarantee oUr work and if for any reason when you come to pick up your printed items, if you notice an error in printing, please let us know immediately. Please contact us for further information.

Ricoh Equipment

For refunds on Ricoh Business Machines, once the sales agreement has been signed no refunds will be issued. If the device you receive is still under warranty and is faulty and unable to be repaired by Sault Printing Company or Ricoh America's Corporation, a loaner device will be placed if available and a new machine will be ordered. If the machine is currently out of warranty then no refund shall be issued and all repairs and labor are billable unless the customer has a maintenance contract. If the machine does not perform or lacks tasks that you need it to do, Sault Printing Company is willing to quote you a machine that is capable of handling the tasks needed, and may buy back your current machine at a discounted price to cover shipping, labor, and any applicable restocking fee's. This credit will be applied to your new machine that you purchase. Sault Printing Company will not give cash back for machines bought back for an upgrade to a different machine. This is strictly an in house credit off your final price for the new machine. We understand certain circumstances arise that are beyond your and our control and not all machine returns fall into these categories. If you feel that you have an adequate reason for a valid return please contact Sault Printing Company with the information on the situation and we will determine if the machine is returnable or not.

Office Supplies/Machine Supplies

For refunds and returns on supplies and office supplies this is handled on a case by case basis. a 20% restocking fee does apply for all items. If the package is undamaged and all original parts are included for resell, we can process a return for you. Please contact for more information

This Refund policy shall be governed by the state of Michigan.

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